E-Mail Permission

Saunders Oculoplastic Surgery, PSC

Written authorization from the patient is required before e-mail with the practitioner begins.

We offer our patients the ability to communicate with us via electronic mail (e-mail) over the internet. If you agree to exchange e-mail with us, please observe the following:

E-mail Rules:

  • E-mail may be used for requestion information and for asking non-urgent questions. It should not be used in emergencies. If you are experiencing a sudden or severe change in your health or otherwise need an immediate response, please call 911 or visit the nearest Emergency Department.
  • E-mail messages may not be confidential
    • Do not use e-mail to send or request very sensitive information. [Saunders Oculoplastic Surgery, PSC] cannot and does not guarantee the confidentiality of any messages being sent over the internet.
    • Messages can be misdirected or intercepted by unintended parties.
    • Patients who want e-mail sent to work addresses must recognize that employers may have the right to monitor their e-mail.
    • We will not respond to communications that are considered obscene or harassing.

Sending E-mail:

Please be sure to include the name of the patient and phone number in the body of every e-mail message that you send.

If you do not provide this information, we may not be able to respond. In order to protect your confidentiality do not place name, date of birth or any personal information in subject line.

If a message is ever returned because of a "bad address," please make sure that you entered the complete address as it was given to you. If you are sure that you entered the address correctly, please call our office to verify you have the correct address and that the e-mail system is functioning properly.

If we do not answer your e-mail, please call our office. We may be out of the office or we could be experiencing a technical problem and unable to respond to email. We cannot guarantee a particular response time.

I understand and agree to the terms outlined in this document. After reading the rules and guidelines of communicating via e-mail, I still wish e-mail to be one of my preferred methods of communication.